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This route starts from the Bike Square rental point in Cabella Ligure. From here you continue along the 140 state road to Albera Ligure and on to San Nazzaro wheve you locality turn left towards Rocchetta Ligure where Valley Sisola begins. The seventeenth-century Palazzo Spinola, home to the Museum of Resistance and social life, is worth a visit. Continuing on the S.P. 145 you can see several water mills. The first, on the side of the road in the lower Pagliaro area, is well underway and functioning. Continuing on you arrive at the hamlet of Sisola where the landscape is characterized by the presence of vineyards of Timorasso, a white native grape grown only in these valleys weighing to the particularity of the soil and its sunny climate. Continuing on the S.P. 145 you can see, on the right the Pravaglione mill, after which the road begins to climb more steeply until you reach Costa Salata which clearly evokes its past as a commercial route between Liguria and Piedmont. From here a long descent begins where the Valley Sisola ends and the Valley Vobbia begins and from Piedmont it passes into Liguria. Following the S.P. 8 you became at the village of Vobbia. From here continue to the right where to narrow gorge begins, along a road map by the lush woods of the Antola park, until you reach the entrance of the Castello della Pietra, carved between two spurs of rock. The castle, dating back to the 1100s, is a cultural center of safeguarding landscape value, showing a perfect fit between nature and history. You can park the bikes and walk along the path that in about 20 leads to the castle where you can take a guided tour on the days and at the set times. Finally we return to Cabella L. following the same road used in the first leg.    


  • Departure from Cabella Ligure

  • 53 Km

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