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WiMu Barolo - Wine Museum: what's to know

Italy’s most innovative wine museum, as well as one of the world’s most important, opened its gates to the public in September 2010. It is set in the heart of a territory that is famous for its wines, and in the halls and rooms of a castle with a thousand-year history.

Created from the imagination of François Confino, a designer of displays and installations in worldwide museums, the Barolo Wine Museum is an interactive voyage through culture and wine traditions. It plays on the millennia old beverage as a cultural product that is able to trace the evolution of entire civilizations, influence great artistic expression, and shape territories and their people.

It is wine’s close ties to humanity and how it is interwoven with our history and traditions across countless civilizations that the WiMu wishes to express. As Confino clearly stated: «I have visited several museums dedicated to wine in the world. But none of them told of wine’s extraordinary cultural dimensions. It was fundamental that I create a creative and poetic museum course for visitors. Not a place where you learn how wine is made, but a place for talking about the relationship between "us" and "it."».

The museum visit is structured like a descent into the deep history and culture of wine. Delving into the mysteries and myths of the fruit of Bacchus reflects the physical sensation of reaching the heart of the Falletti Castle while following the course that begins on the first floor and finishes semi-underground.

Where it is WiMu Barolo - Wine Museum

WiMu Barolo - Wine Museum

Castello Comunale Falletti di Barolo - Piazza Falletti IT 12060 - Barolo ( CN )

11/12 - 18/19 - 25/26 febbraio dalle 10.30 alle 18.00, ultimo ingresso alle 17.00. 4/5 - 11/12 marzo dalle 10.30 alle 18.00, ultimo ingresso alle 17.00. A partire da sabato 18 marzo il Wimu sarà aperto tutti i giorni dalle 10.30 alle 19.00, con ultimo ingresso alle 18.00.
+39 0173386697