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Vivi an 'Experience immersed in nature, between breathtaking woods, unique natural springs and unique landscapes of the Pollino National Park.

L 'The whole area of the Caramola trail runs along the N-E side of the mount and is formed by a long set of bush tops with a few small "windows" from the breathtaking panorama.

We cross the Rubbio-oriented reserve, " passing through some ferries called Lake D 'Erba and Lake del Pesce.

The tour passes from locations La Caserma, tourist shelter, and goes through the Rubbio Reserve, a spectacular wood-rich beech woods, edere, red lilies, wild orchids.

Perrunning the Reserve, across the dirt road, you reach a location Three Confins rushing as a panoramic point towards l 'The entire mountain range of the Pollino and from which you will be snooping more, like the one for the top of Mount Caramola from which you can scroll through the Mount Cotugno.

From here, our Tour, vira to source Catusa, spectacular fountain inchained between majestic and breathtaking foes, magarts even making a small detour off course towards Acquatremola, an 'other source from the strong tourist interest.

From the Sorgent Catusa you descend to the road that connects Francavilla on Sinni to San Constantine, passing through other panoramic points and belittling immersed in nature, especially in the presence of the majestic Pietra Sasso, top of the unique shape, to close down so our path immersed between nature.





















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