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Unique itinerary which strarts from the very well-known archeological park of the Appia Antica, to Tyrrenhian coast along the most ancient route, the Regina Viarum. You will begin your trip from Terme di Caracalla, crossing the old paving and cobblestones and running along tombs, churches, mausoleums and villas you will arrive in Santa Maria delle Mole. It's like walking through an open-air museum on an endless cycle path. From here you will return to a stretch of road along the via Appia Nuova which overlaps the old one. Thus you will arrive in Castelli Romani passing through Albano, Genzano, Ariccia, Nemi, Lanuvio in a dirt and ancient stretch that follows the orography of the land from Genzano to Lanuvio. You will proceed to Cisterna di Latina in a tortuous and partly bumpy stretch that will reconnect with the Appia Nuova. You will proceed to Borgo Faiti with its Forum already described by Orazio in his satires and crossing the various miles we arrive in the joyful Terracina with its historic center. From here you could go towards the temple of Jupiter walking through the ancient paving stones in limestone; reconnecting to the Appia you will go down through a private property. Along the Via Appia you can admire the villages of Monte San Biagio and Fondi.

From Fondi, you will cover the best-preserved stretch of the Appia, crossing a Roman bridge, sepulchres and memorial stones (beware of a closed wooden gate that must be overcome with the e-bike). After that you will arrive in Itri and at last in Formia its waterfront and its historic center. In the center of Formia there is the railway station where every hour it will be possible to take a train that allows you to reach Roma Termini in 1.5 hours.


  • Departure from Roma , Ciampino, marino , Genzano, Ariccia, Velletri, cisterna ,Terracina, Fondi , Formia

  • 143 Km

  • 11/30/23, 7:00 AM h

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