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A panoramic itinerary, the discovery of the history and the scenic landscape of the Val Borbera and the Val Sisola and the two typical protagonist products of the 'enogastronomy : the wine Timorasso and the Montebore cheese. The Timorasso doc is a white produced by the white-berry native grape cultivated only in these valleys thanks to the particularity of the terrain and its sunny climate. The Montebore is a rare and ancient cheese, already known from the XII sec., present on the table of Sforza, Duchi of Milan, in 1489 and appreciated by Leonardo da Vinci.  It is part of the Bike Square site rental site in Cabella Ligure. Here you are attracting the bridge over the Borbera creek and you start an uphill path, partly immersed in the woods. Before reaching the location of Rovello you can deviate from the path to reach the panoramic small borough of Cremonte with its Church dominating the Valley, built on the basing of the 'ancient medieval Castle. To get to Rovello the road is in the dirt and very scenic. From here it is possible to reach the Val Sisola where one of the main Vie of the Sale, which connected the padana plain to the Ligure Sea, travelled from merchants and travelers to the back of mule. The most valuable commodity was the salt, the valuable food employed as a preservative and traded with flour and cereals from the plain. In Val Sisola a lot of water mills can be found where the precious cereals are grinding. It comes at the end of Rocchetta Ligure, the ancient borough in which the doors d 'are present and the exit and exit of the country where the duties of the noble family of the Malaspina are to be paid for in the centre of the country, the historic palace in the centre of the country. From Rocchetta he returns to Cabella by passing through Albera Ligure by running along the Provincial Road.


  • Departure from Cabella Ligure

  • 20 Km

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