Church of Cornality

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Church of Cornality: what's to know


The Cornalcy church was built around all 'o Mille and is believed to be the oldest church in S. Giovanni Bianco. It was consecrated in 1447 and dedicated to the "Corporis Christi." The structure of the 'edifice is at a nave on which l 'are opened, the altar of the Blessed Virgin, that of S. Antonio da Padua and the presbytery that preserves a part of a cycle of frescoes depicting the scenes of Christ's life of the late fifteenth century. Among the frescoes is also a Madonna of milk, in sacristy, the pictorial cycle of the outer portico and the frescoes of the chapel dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, all of the fifteenth century. The Marian cult had great diffusion in Lombardy, but not only that, and was wanted in the sphere of popular devotion.

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Church of Cornality