Church of Côte d' San Gallo

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Church of Côte d' San Gallo: what's to know


The church of Costa San Gallo initially was a sanctuary built in 1765. His story is linked to a painting : the Quadretto of the Madonna Miraculous, consecrated in 1892. A legend tells that in 1492, a local woman, Catherine Lupis, prays in front of the picture, s ', realising that the madonna was bleeding. The news spread quickly and the picture was taken into custody in the parish church, but for three times it was found in the house of the faithful. For this reason l 'image was reported in the sanctuary that was expanded and became a church. Since 1622 the Quadretto of the Madonna Miraculous has been found above l 'The most visible altar visible to all the faithful and visitors. In addition, two cantees of Carlo Ceresa (XVII sec.) are visible inside the church.

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Church of Côte d' San Gallo

Costa San Gallo