Church of San Marco and Sentino

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Church of San Marco and Sentino: what's to know


The sentino church was built in the early fifteenth century on an oratorio dating back to all 'year Mille. All'The interior is located three wooden statues of S. Marco, S. Pietro and S. Paolo and the Piety of Carlo Ceresa (XVII sec.). At little distance from Sentino are the fractions of Oneta and of the Pianca with two churches of special interest. The church of Oneta was made built around 1473 by the Grataroli family. It was initially dedicated to the Nativity of Mary, today at the Madonna del Carmelo. All'internal you can admire two tele of Carlo Ceresa (XVII sec.). The church of the Pianca, dates back to the second half of the Trecento and was dedicated to S. Antonio Abate. All'internal are visible, among others, a canvas by Carlo Ceresa, an S. Antonio Abate in polychrome wood and the painting of the Madonna of Piety.


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Church of San Marco and Sentino