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Museum Casa Ceresa: what's to know

The painter Carlo Ceresa, born in 1609 by Ambrose and Catherine Maurizio, lived in this house from childhood until the age of 26, when he married Catherine Zignoni, daughter of Joseph Zignoni, and moved to Gruppe to indulge the will of the father-in-law.

We don't know how the young Ceresa, already active in the Thirteenth Thirteenth centuries, came up with painting, but it is permissible to think that his hoop was stimulated by the fresh paints that probably adorned the parish church of the country, very close to the house of the painter.


Already Ceresa became appreciative of the skill in realizing blades and religious thees, often commissioned by the inhabitants of San Giovanni and the Brembana Valley as a form of popular devotion to the epidemics that cyclically hit them. When instead the committents were the notables of the area, often portrayed them by the real, focusing on their psychological representation, the theme that fully inserts it into that group of Lombard painters that between the XVI and the seventeenth century reinvented the art of the portrait.

In order to be able to deepen and continue its activity, Ceresa then had to move to Bergamo, where he died in 1679.

Today you can count over 300 works of Ceresa in bergamasca area, guarded in churches, museums, and private collections. In his childhood home they are instead organized temporary exhibitions, conferences and cultural events.


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Museum Casa Ceresa

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