Lake Castel

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Lake Castel: what's to know

What to see, Lake Castel

We are at 2224 metres, this lake is of natural origin and in 1923 first dam in clay was carried out to be able to exploit the waters for hydroelectric purposes. This cedes and releasing its waters downstream by flooding Riale and destroyed bridges and embankments all the way to Ponte, fortunately there was only damage and no casualties. Afterward, it was expanded, between 1924 and 1928 with a dike in dry pet-copper. It was later discharged in the 50, following a subsidence of the same it was discovered that the terrain was of carsble origin, thus permeable, rendered useless the dam because the waters filtered from the ground below. Today there is no dam but the presence of two detached muraglions to convey the waters of the lake, even if they do not even come to lambirli.

To be reported, along the road that arrives at the lake and continues beyond, the presence of a diffuse botanical garden with synoptic panels illustrating the varieties of the alpine flora.

Where it is Lake Castel

Lake Castel


formazza riale


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