The sources of the Ticino River

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The sources of the Ticino River: what's to know

What to see, the springs of the Ticino River

At the foot of the white keel, over the Swiss border, the Val Bedretto opens, part of the Ticino canton. Pointing to the West, we could see the carrable road that rises towards the Novena Pass or Nufenenpass, which with its 2478 mslm is the second highest Alpine crossing in Switzerland, after that of Umbrail (2503 mslm) and followed by the Furka Pass (2436 mslm).

The Ticino River is the main tributary of the Po by volume of water and in absolute the second Italian river per range, a total measure of 248 km and is one of the healthiest Italian rivers. It has two springs, the main of which is located near the Novena Pass and the second in the vicinity of the Ospitium of the Gotthard Pass near Airolo (CH).

The course of the Ticino River is conventionally divided into three parts. The mountain part (Ticino Superiore) flowing into Swiss territory. The lacquer part, which is about Lake Maggiore (divided between Switzerland and Italy) and the flat part (Ticino Inferior) that sees it flowing to Italy south of Lake Maggiore.

Where it is The sources of the Ticino River

The sources of the Ticino River


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