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Do you want to celebrate your bride and groom-to-be friends? Do you want to enjoy a beautiful outdoor experience with them, among the little allays of Verona city centre and the countryside covered with vineyards, ending up with an epic drinking bout? Your friends will have great fun following this itinerary that crosses Verona, the river Adige, the vineyards and the panoramic hills, by e-bike and with no effort. 

The itinerary goes up to the Torricelle, the hills behind Verona where it's possible to enjoy great views over the city and the hills. On the way up there are a few bars and restaurants where to stop and start to celebrate the bride/groom to be. Then, after reaching the top of the hills, the road goes all the way down to the bottom of the valley. There, it's the reign of Valpolicella wine, it won't be difficult to find a winery where to continue the party and taste some great Valpolicella wine!

The way back to the city centre pass in front of the Arena, perfect spot for a selfie with the bride/groom to be! With a little detour you can reach Juliet's house, the queen of every lover.


  • Departure from Verona

  • 23 Km

  • 5/25/24, 4:00 AM h

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