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This path that you can enjoy in ebike is developed in the territory between the communes of the municipalities of Arserum and Cogollo of the Cengio, along the white and paved roads. With a total length of 30.00 km with a mt. 417.

The starting point is in Arsero-Via dei Longhi where you start with a breakfast / merenda at the Campagna bar with coffee and brioche.

Arserum-Old Railway Station-Cartiera Rossi

From the starting point, you reach the Old Railway Station, station wanted at the end of '800 dall 'industrial Alessandro Rossi. Rossi financed the construction with l ', aimed at linking the manufacturing and Piovene Rocchette and Arserum manufacturers.
The route for our ebikes continues in the direction Cartiera Rossi, founded in 1878 by Francesco Rossi, a large company in which over 1300 employees were employed, becoming the largest European cartiera in the world in a few years.
Along the way we find the Bar Treatoria all 'Isola, cozy local with products typical of the area and wanted products.

Cogollo hydroelectric power station

The route proceeds through Seghe, industrial strength of the valley, up to the small fraction of Rutello, to continue costing the Astico river, until it reaches the Cogollo River of Cengio.

goes back down the dirt road and through much of the countryside and the centre of the country, you can access the Alto Trail. It is a cycle-pedestrian path accessible to all. Along his track they meet old masiers, remnant of ancient terractions, vats d ' water that once served to wash the cloths, speakers and the old church of Cogollo. It is path that develops at the boundary between l 'inhabited by Cogollo and the mount. The path crosses all the communal territory on the side facing south of the valley of the 'Astico.
The path is 6-7 kilometers long and has a maximum displacement of 115 mt.

Church of the 'Olmo and Monastery of the Resurrection

The Church of the 'Olmo was the parish church of Cogollo until 1927 and is located in the heart of the old country with the care of the nuns, residing in the nearby monastery, a restored 17 ^ century building. The Small Family of the Resurrection is a Catholic monastic community born in Jerusalem in 1978, which today has numerous venues around the world.
The monastery, which dates back to the beginning of the 17 th century, is the fruit of a donation from Don Pietro Bella to the diocese. Bishop Antonio asked for the donation to be made for a monastery purpose and so it was.

Closed by Sant'Agata

Profollowing for the Alto Trail, it went down to the fraction of Mosson, to then forward to its campaigns and arrive at the chiesette of Sant'Agata, the small jeweller of longtime longobarda. It has the apse facing east, like all the primitive churches, and until 1915 it had next to the cemetery. The structure is at a unique nave, and at the entrance you can read the tarda dedicated in 1970 by the Sant'Agata Brigade.

Ex Railroad Raines Rocchette-Arserum

The road continues until you take "The Road of the Old Railway", today's itinerary cyclopedonale ex Railway Rocchette-Arsiero, is a route that from Piovene Rocchette leads up to Arserum by passing by Velo d 'Astico. Along about 10 km, it is a journey immersed in nature suitable for everyone : cyclists, moms with strollers, masters with dogs, walking enthusiasts ...
All'imbocco can be stopped at the bar Casello Six for a coffee break or aperitif, or for excellent first dishes, craft beers, sandwiches, cutters and whatnot.
Later on following the cycling, the Chiosco San Giorgio, pub & bar known for its playful environment, is located, with annexation of playground for children.

Meda Castle

On the route you meet the Meda Castle, positioned at 375 meter slm, the Meda Castle has always dominated the valley. For this it was also used during the First World War as a postaction for cannons and machine guns. All still visible environments today, on three floors located under the castle.
Before we reach the term, we find the Restaurant Montanina, a welcoming restaurant offering quality products, with dishes typical of the culinary tradition vicentine obtained with selected raw materials. The location is located in an enchanting landscape where there are ample spaces for the smaller, but especially for the greats, it is granted the sport fishing that you can make directly into the property pond.
L 'ring itinerary leads you to re-entry, after a nice pedal you'll be ready to recount the ebikes.

What do you find along the route