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BikeSquare is a startup wich helps you discover a territory by e-bike in a innovative way. You can go around alone, with our APP or with the support of a human guide.

Rent a e-bike Cordoba and make a tour on secondary roads, without stress. Our claim is "less effort, more fun".

e-bike rental Cordoba

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Self guided tours with APP in Cordoba

Self Guided Tour

With BikeSquare APP discover the best routes Cordoba. Find places where to eat and taste the best local produce.

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Guided tours with local guide Cordoba

eBike Tours with Guide

A local guide will lead you. Fixed cost package with tour leader and ebike rental Cordoba

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Our selection of e-bike routes Cordoba (3 Routes)

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Local products tasting

More than just ebike!
BikeSquare app helps you to decide where to stop for eating and tasting local food and products.

Guided tours

Do you prefer to be guided?
Our guides are experts of the place you are visiting and they deeply know the territory.

Bike Delivery

Do you want to leave from a different place?
We deliver the bike where you desire.

Family Tours

Tours for the whole family, familty friendly places, child seats, helmets and trolleys


Do you want to buy something heavy during your tour? No problem: we will deliver it to your hotel. Pedal light.

Sustainable Tourism Cordoba

Renting a e-bike from BikeSquare means travelling in a sustainable way Cordoba. The e-bike consumes very little energy, is silent and does not emit exausts gas. Most of our rental shops use green energy, produced from renwable sources or self produced by solar panels.

Last updated: 19-07-2019

Cordoba: Self guided tours with pedal assisted bikes

Renting a pedal assisted bike Cordoba and using the BikeSquare APP is the easieast and cheapest way for visiting Cordoba as if you were lead by a local expert.

Download BikeSquare l'APP
Last updated: 17-07-2019

Cordoba: e-bike charging stations

Are you travelling with a e-bike and you need to recharge? BikeSquare parters are ready to offer you a plug, while you eat a sandwich or have a coffèe. The time is enough to gain some more kilometers on your bike.

Last updated: 30-06-2019

The 10 top activities Cordoba

Renting a e-bike from BikeSquare and follow our routes on secondary roads is often one of the most apreciated activities according to the tourists.

Last updated: 20-07-2019