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Essence... this is the name of this tour.The essence of Cordoba is the smell and the flavor.

Spring is the perfect time to discover and enjoy the smell of Cordoba. Smell of the flowers of our “Patios” , the courtyards with flowering balconies of the traditional Andalusian´s homes you can find only in Cordoba.

We gonna visit together 5 of the most beautiful Patios in Cordoba, passing through the magical streets of the Jewish district to arrive to San Basilio, one of the Cordoba's most charming squares, where we can find a lot of patios.

Then, we gonna taste the flavor of Cordoba. You will taste the Andalusian´s Gastronomy in a beautiful typical  taberna cordobesa.

We cannot forget the culture and the history so, of course, in this tour we visit also the royal stables, the place where king Felipe II  made a new horse´s breed, the Andalusian horse.


Price: 29 euros/pp. (including Patios and Horse Stable entrances, tapas and the bike route)

Meeting Point: Elektrik Shop - Calle Maria Cristina 5 (close to the Roman Temple)



  • Departure from Córdoba

  • 5.00 Km

  • 6/16/24, 1:30 AM h

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