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Follow the canals that irrigate the plain, scrutinize the ingenious works of man that have made it possible to govern the waters, enjoy the shade of the trees, meet farmhouses with special architectures. This and much more is the Naviglio cycle path with return from the Ancient Road Queen.

This tour in ebike north of Cremona allows you to immerse yourself in nature. A ring that leaves and ends in Cremona where you can rent your ebikes at the camping.

Starting from Cremona, cross the city center heading towards Via Bergamo, always on cycle paths and once you arrive in the Migliaro hamlet, you begin to skirt the Naviglio. Before reaching Casalbuttano you can admire the Mancapane farmhouse.


What to see in Casalbuttano and Mirabello

The most important town that one meets on the way is famous for the illustrious presence of the composer Vincenzo Bellini whose Opera "Norma" seems to have been written in the summer of 1831, during the stay of the Maestro in the hospitable house of the Turina family and of this history the Tower of the Norma is also part of it.

In Mirabello Ciria the engineering part of the tour takes shape with the Ancient Hydroelectric Station that will culminate in Genivolta with the incredible hydraulic junction of the 13 bridges where it is easy to lose the sense of the flow of water.

The way back begins passing through Soresina where by appointment you can visit the ancient bike museum, to reach Annicco where a ship ..... exactly, a ship is parked at the entrance of the town. The navigation will take us back to Cremona along the Ancient Road Queen..

Based on your needs we can enrich the tailor-made tour and contact the most suitable facilities by sending a dedicated quote.

Pedaling slowly is the best way to taste the experience, with BikeSquare Cremona you can.


  • 73 Km

  • 5/28/24, 6:00 AM h

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