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Between Lombardy and Emilia, along the banks of the Po and in the countryside of the Po Valley, there are cities and towns with ancient stories to meet together with their natural environment.
The route starts from Cremona, lying on the Great River like a gigantic boat, to cross over, using the cycle path suspended on the iron bridge over the Po, in the province of Piacenza and pedaling in search of castles and fortresses like that of Monticelli d'Ongina, but peering into strange buildings like bunkers and shacks.

What to see in San Nazzaro

A passage will be dedicated to Isola Serafini, between Cremona and Piacenza, the largest island in the Po river basin with the hydroelectric power plant Carlo Bobbio and the search for a Dutch windmill and a picnic area where to take a break.
In spring, the part of the route that leads from Villanova to Cremona is dotted with cherry trees in bloom and other fruit trees, and if you can't admire the white-and-white show of flowering, you can always console yourself with a taste of the tasty fruits among the tastier than the whole plain or stopping to taste river fish.

Along the way there will therefore be an opportunity to get in touch with local excellences and products!

This ebike tour south of Cremona allows you to immerse yourself in nature. A ring that starts and ends in Cremona where you can rent your e-bikes at the camping.

Based on your needs, we can enrich the tailor-made tour and contact the most suitable facilities by sending you a dedicated quote.

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What do you find along the route