Course of the Chioggia People

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Course of the Chioggia People: what's to know

It is the square-street of Chioggia, 830 metres long from the Garibaldi port to the rag in Laguna, which has always been the centre of animation, sociality, business activities and services. The course, rich in buildings pored on the pontiff's side, assumed the present prospective importance between '600 and' 700, when the fronts of various palaces were oriented. These include the vast and neoclassical communal Palace (inside, the 1437 table attributed to Jacobello del Fiore). A slargo, with the bottom of the seventies church of the Filipinos, divides it from the church of SS. Trinity, or Trinity of the Rossi, rebuilt by Andrea Tirali in 1703 ; a late pictorial cycle (1599-1606) and frescoes by Palma the Younger adorned the retro oratory of the Battoules. Just over, just behind the course, the stone of Istria stone of the Granaio, a low building of 1322 (among the oldest in the city), restored in 800 ; in the Gothic tabernacle in front, the Madonna with Child is attributed to Jacopo Sansovino. 

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Course of the Chioggia People



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