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Ring itinerary that runs through the lands of the Ancient Delta, where the Po river once flowed, a journey between nature and history. It starts from the Trepponti di Comacchio and through the cycle path you arrive on the coast at Porto Garibaldi. Go north along the coast crossing the shores of Comacchio, at Lido delle Nazioni you enter the Pineta di Volano where you can see the fallow deer, the forest road ends at Lido di Volano, here the Po di Volano branch flows further south of the Po Delta. The itinerary continues northwards along the coast, crosses the Mesola Wood through special gates, at the end of the wood continue along the Sacca di Goro, famous for clam farms and arrive at Goro. Continue up the course of the Po di Goro along the Ciclovia Destra Po up to the Castle of Mesola. Through internal roads you can discover places linked to the history of these territories such as Torre Abate, the Bunkers of the Second World War and the precious Pomposa Abbey. Arriving at the Abbey, you will find the Po di Volano and following its course you will cross the municipalities of Codigoro and Lagosanto and then return to Comacchio through the countryside.

Note: the gates that allow you to cross the Bosco della Mesola are open from 01/03 to 31/10

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Itinerary traced and designed by Deltaciclando


  • 95 Km

  • 5/25/24, 8:00 AM h

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