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Ring itinerary that leads to the border of the mouth of the Po where the land ends and the sea begins. Starting from the E-Bike Delta del Po headquarters, travel along the branch of the Po in Venice to the island of Camerini where the river flows into the sea dividing into several branches and assuming the characteristic delta shape. It runs along the mouth to the south up to the bridge that leads to Scardovari, a fishing village home to a large fish market, followed by the tourist village of Barricate with its beaches with crystal clear waters and the Spiaggia delle Conchiglie. The itinerary continues on the road that runs alongside the Sacca degli Scardovari, here the fishermen carry out their work based mainly on the breeding of mussels, of which the mussel is one of the products of excellence. After having skirted the bag, the itinerary continues inland and you arrive in Cà Mello where the Lavender Field is cultivated, the cultivation was planted for the production of lavender essential oil but soon became a tourist attraction in the flowering period, a show of colors and scents, flowering goes from the first / second weekend of June to the second week of July and varies according to the climatic conditions. The itinerary continues through the countryside to return to the starting point


  • Departure from Porto Tolle

  • 55 Km

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