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Starting from the BikeSquare Delta del Po headquarters, you travel along internal roads that cross the countryside of the Donzella Island and arrive in Cà Mello where the Lavender Field is cultivated, the cultivation was planted for the production of essential oil of lavender but soon became a tourist attraction in the flowering period, a show of colors and scents, flowering goes from the first / second weekend of June to the second week of July and varies according to the climatic conditions. The itinerary continues on the Sacca degli Scardovari famous for the breeding of mussels, in particular the mussel, along the sacca to the mouth of the Po della Donzella or Gnocca from where you go up the river and cross it in Santa Giulia on the typical Ponte di Barche and then head towards the other Ponte di Barche that of Gorino which crosses the Po di Goro, you arrive in Gorino overlooking the Sacca di Goro famous for clam farming. Return to the starting point by returning to cross the two bridges, skirting the Po di Gnocca and crossing the countryside.


  • Departure from Porto Tolle.

  • 58 Km

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