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The itinerary starts from the hinterland following the branch of the Po di Goro to arrive at its mouth into the sea, starting from Torre Abate a composite artifact born as a drain in the second half of the century. XVI within the vast reclamation project undertaken by Alfonso II d’Este. The itinerary continues along the bank of the Po on which the Ciclovia Destra Po develops and arrives in Goro, a famous location for the production of clams and birthplace of the singer Milva. You cross the Po di Goro through the characteristic bridge of boats and along the banks that divide the river from the agricultural lands you reach the Scanno del Bacucco with its characteristic reeds and with a wonderful view of the Island of Love at the mouth of the Po di Volano on which stands the white lighthouse of Goro. The itinerary continues towards Gorino from which you take the dirt road that runs alongside the Sacca di Goro where clams are reared to return to Goro from where you return to the starting point with the Destra Po.

Itinerary traced and designed by Deltaciclando

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