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By choosing this itinerary, you will use your rented ebike to explore the natural beauty and villages of the Partenio Regional Park in the province of Avellino.

You will be amazed by the magnificence of nature and these small villages, but since Irpinia is a land famous for the quality of its wines, the first part of the ebike excursion will be dedicated to exploring vineyards and some villages with a strong wine vocation, with excellent productions of Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo, the two great DOCG white wines of the province of Avellino.

The second part of the itinerary, which you will cover on your rented ebike, takes you to the foothills of the Partenio Regional Park, a protected area established in 1993. Here, nature takes centre stage. The great thing about ebike tours is that, whenever you want, you can stop to admire a landscape and visit the villages on the slopes of Monte Vallatrone and Montevergine in more detail.

This route is a loop tour starting and finishing at the e-bike rental point located at Ciclostazione Avellino, not far from the station and halfway between the towns of Atripalda and Avellino. 

However, if you prefer to start from the Chiusano San Domenico e-bike rental point, add the AB/BA route (16.5 km) to this track to reach the Avellino bike rental point.

You will face an itinerary that does not present any particular difficulties and can therefore be tackled with all types of e-bike hire available: city, trekking and full suspension e-MTB.

This route lends itself well to being lengthened or shortened as required. So, feel free to contact us to let us know your time and/or fitness requirements: we will be happy to customise this track to perfectly suit your needs.

And now... off we go!

Follow the directions on the GPS track we have provided you with and, whenever you arrive at a point of interest, learn more about the places by reading the tips we have prepared for you: we hope you will find them interesting and that they will help you to fully enjoy your ebike excursion along the roads of Irpinia!

The first four kilometres will not be exactly unforgettable, but once you have passed those, we promise you that your e-bike ride will become decidedly more interesting. Once past the village of Picarelli, a tiny hamlet in the municipality of Avellino, the road begins to climb, the traffic noticeably decreases, and the industrial atmosphere gradually gives way to rural landscapes and rolling hills.

The road continues placidly uphill, amid hazelnut groves and vineyards, to the fork for Montefredane. Arriving in the central square of this beautiful village, home of Fiano di Avellino, you will be amazed by the enormity of the space. Here you will easily spot the Town Hall and the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine. Just to the left of the church, you will notice the archway that allows passage under the bell tower. Take that passage to get to the ruins of the Caracciolo Castle, whose construction dates back to the 10th century. If you are lucky and find the gate open, you can admire a spectacular view of the Sabato Valley. 

A beautiful downhill country road, with no traffic at all, will delight your legs and your e-bike, leading you without any difficulty to the village of Tufo, the birthplace of the famous DOCG Greco di Tufo white wine, the pride of the entire province of Avellino. The town will reveal itself to your eyes after crossing a small bridge over the Sabato River. When you reach the end of the road, turn right to reach the main square of the village, refill your water bottles at the fountain, and learn more about Tufo by reading the fact sheet. 

Continuing your itinerary by pedal-assisted bicycle, you will pass by the ancient sulphur mines, fundamental to the development of Tufo's economy in past centuries (although they are undergoing restoration, at the time of writing this information sheet they are a site that cannot be visited) and return to cross the River Sabato. At the crossroads, turn left and, after 1 km, turn right towards Pannarano / Roccabascerana / Cervinara.

From here on, the second part of your ebike tour in Irpinia begins. In front of you towers the Partenio Regional Park with its wooded mountains. Approximately 15 km almost entirely uphill await you, so be sure to start this section with a good energy reserve in the battery of your rented ebike. 

As you grind your way with your pedal-assisted bike, Monte Vallatrone and Montevergine will get closer and closer and nature will become more and more lush. Once you reach the hamlet of Ciardelli, at the crossroads continue on towards Pietrastornina. From now on, the landscape becomes more and more beautiful and you will enjoy beautiful views of the Parthenio Park, but not only... At a certain point, a marvellous panorama will open up on your right, allowing you to see Rocca Bascerana, the Sannio and the majesty of Mount Taburno. Passing here at sunset time, especially in summer, will give you a light and colours that are worth all the effort and effort put in on an ebike. 

After getting onto the state road, pedal 3 km more on your e-bike to reach Pietrastornina. The stone spur from which it takes its name and on whose summit the town's castle was located, will be clearly visible to your eyes well before you enter the town. This place is teeming with stories and legends, all to be discovered, perhaps by chatting with the locals. 

The next village you will cross on your ebike is Sant'Angelo a Scala, also known as 'the village of the two popes'. Here, in fact, Pope Paul IV was born, and there is a strong cult for Pope Silvester (who is celebrated on 31 December), to whom a small church is dedicated that can be reached via a footpath from which a miraculous water gushes out. According to legend, Pope Silvetro convinced Emperor Constantine to go to Sant'Angelo a Scala to bathe in the miraculous water and thus be cured of leprosy.

From Sant'Angelo a Scala to Summonte you will be right at the foot of the mountain and, in some places, you will almost feel as if you can touch it. The chestnut groves will keep you good company along this 3 km ascent, which is also the last you will face today on your ebike tour. 

The Angioina Tower will welcome you to Summonte, recognised as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. So, if you have time, take the opportunity to visit its narrow streets on an e-bike or on foot. From here, numerous trails allow you to explore the Partenio Park by hiking/trekking. 

Here the ascent ends and you will quickly reach Ospedaletto d'Alpinolo, famous for its nougat production and for being an obligatory crossing point for the many pilgrims who decide to go to the Montevergine Sanctuary (1,300 metres above sea level) on foot.

A long descent will take you to Mercogliano, with its beautiful avenue lined with centuries-old plane trees, and then down to the city of Avellino, passing completely along Corso Vittorio Emanuele (a pedestrian street where bicycles and ebikes are allowed). After passing through the Manganelli Urban Park, by the time you reach the mural of the famous artist Millo, you will have arrived at Avellino Station, and then in just a few minutes you will reach the ebike rental point located at the Avellino Ciclostazione.

This is where you will end your day in the saddle of the rented pedelecs. 

Remember that we are at your complete disposal before, during and after your excursions on the rented ebikes. Thanks to the GPS trackers on all our pedal-assist bikes, we can reach you quickly and accurately in the event of difficulties. 

For information on routes and rental, and for assistance during ebike rental, you can call us by phone (Mon 16:30-20:00 / Tue-Sat 9:30-13:30, 16:30-20:00) or text us on Whatsapp 24 hours a day. The number to contact is always the same, whether you want to talk by voice or exchange messages on Whatsapp. Just add the number 0825.31.139 to your address book to chat with us.

If you just want to think about having fun, relax and let one of our guides accompany you. We will be happy to reveal hidden corners, breathtaking views and share the road with you.

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