E31 4 wines tour between Moscato and Barbaresco

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Leave the BikeSquare Point Ciclisti della Domenica in Castagnole delle Lanze centre, the town of Barbera wine, from the very centre; reach the lower part of the town (frazione San Bartolomeo) and then ride genly uphill towards the village of Coazzolo. A must-see is the Blue Big Bench among the Moscato vineyards. Get to Neive, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and geographical centre of the 4 wines area: Barbera, Dolcetto, Moscato and Barbaresco. Go further along a nice, relaxing, and wavy road and get to famous Barbaresco: at the end of the main road you can visit the panoramic tower. Your tour finishes on pleasant country roads crossing small villages and hamlets up to the starting point: Castagnole delle Lanze. On Sunday afternoons you can visit the Tower of the Earl Paolo Ballada di Saint Robert.


  • 27.00 Km

  • 2.50 h


What you see and where you can stop if you choose this route

Torre del Conte Paolo Ballada di Saint Robert

Torre del Conte Paolo Ballada di...

Punto Panoramico Castagnole delle Lanze
Panchina gigante azzurra - Coazzolo

Panchina gigante azzurra - Coazzolo

Punto Panoramico Coazzolo


Da Visitare Neive
Torre di Barbaresco

Torre di Barbaresco

Da Visitare Barbaresco
Punto di noleggio e-bike a Neive

Neive: punto di noleggio ebike

Noleggio Biciclette Elettriche Neive


Food and wine Barbaresco