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The groom-to-be does not pay her ebike rental when the rest of the group pays a full day fare.


Leave Novello towards La Morra, 7 kms from the starting point. La Morra is a village on the top of a hill, you can see it along the route and it's worth a break. Go on downwards Borgata Annunziata and we suggest two stops. Erbaluna Winery is one of the (few) Langhe wine producers who choose the organic farming. Taste it! A little further Marrone Winery can show its woderful cellar where the Barolo wine is aged. Have a wine-tasting experience on the terrace.

On your way back you can visit Barolo and Novello for more wine-tasting and maybe dinner.


Starting from €18
per person

  • Departure from Novello (Cuneo)

  • 21.00 Km

  • 6/18/24, 2:00 AM h

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