Roddi Castle

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Roddi Castle: what's to know

Roddi Castle, among all Langhe Castles, is often called the most interesting one on historical and achitectural point of view; laying on the top of the hill it dominates majestically the village. It was property of Gaio Francesco della Mirandola, descendant and grandson of the well-known humanist and philosopher Pico della Mirandola.

The first fortress on the same spot where the castle is nowadays dates back to 11th Century. The present building was probably erected between 14th and 15th Century and it could be a work of the powerful Faletti family. On 1526 the property goes to Mirandola Counts' family and, in 1690, to Chiesa's family. During the Congress of Vienna the Savoy seize the castle and then it will become State property. Finally, in 2001 the property goes to the Municipality of Roddi.

You can partially visit the premises and the International Cooking School of the Alba White Truffle. There is a modern didactic kitchen with full equipment for tourists and cooking classes.

Where it is Roddi Castle

Roddi Castle

Via Carlo Alberto, 2 IT 12060 - Roddi ( CN )
+39 0173386697
Luglio e agosto - domenica e festivi 10.30โ€“12.30 e 14.00-18.00 - Dal 27 agosto al 13 novembre - sabato 15.00-18.00 - domenica e festivi 10.30โ€“12.30 e 14.00-18.00