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The bride does not pay her ebike rental when the rest of the group pays a full day fare.


Leave Novello for a landscape-tasting and amusement. Not far from the starting point go to The Green Guesthouse and dive into the swimming pool, relax and enjoy your glass of wine.

The party is not over, take off your bathing suit and get dressed for pedalling down to Barolo.
Barolo is one of those places that surprises you when seen from above, you're getting there and it seems so tiny and perfect. And when you get there it seems even more stunning. You have lots of things to do: visit the WiMu - Wine Museum, the Corkscrew Museum, the Castle, or one of the wineries dug in the tuff rock.

Today you don't necessarily have to do anything, perhaps the bride-to-be just wants some chill-out-time so you can stroll, find the perfect group-selfie-spot or sit at some wine-bar sipping your precious Barolo glass.

Do you still have stamina to ride your e-bike? Go to Novello through Ravera street and enjoy one of the most awesome views of Novello and if you take a look backwards you can see Monforte d'Alba, Serralunga tower and Grinzane Cavour castle.

You are now in Novello and maybe it's dinner time. Choose among our restaurants and agriturismi and then get back to BikeSquare Station - ebike rental shop in Novello, your starting point.


  • 14.00 Km

  • 0101:0707 h

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