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The Big Bench

E-bike tour to discover the Big Bench is full of panoramic viewpoints and rides immersed in nature among the hills of the Langhe in search of 5 giant benches from the Big Bench Community Project. Among these, you will also see the first one, near the founder's house: Chris Bangle. The Big Bench project was born in Clavesana and is an artistic and tourist initiative that consists of installing giant benches in scenic and suggestive locations. The Big Benches are giant benches, they are public and offer visitors the opportunity to sit and admire spectacular landscapes.
Chris Bangle says: "becoming children again by rediscovering the landscape"

Big Bench San Benedetto Belbo

The departure for the ebike tour is from Murazzano, a gem of Alta Langa. With the bikes, you proceed towards San Benedetto Belbo pedaling through groves and hazelnut trees until you reach the giant bench #85 yellow and blue, positioned along the road that descends from Passo della Bossola towards the San Benedetto Belbo village. It was inaugurated in 2019.

Big Bench Dogliani

The tour to discover the giant benches continues towards Dogliani, the home of Dolcetto wine and Neo-Gothic architecture. The blue and red bench is located in the historic center near the majestic castle. With e-bikes, it will be easy to reach it by climbing the hill of the town of Dogliani. A picnic stop is highly recommended, by reservation, you can contact the Agriturismo Marenco Aldo and pick up your picnic basket that you can enjoy sitting on the Big Bench while observing the panorama or in the shade of a beautiful tree.

Big Bench Farigliano

After recharging your energy with a delicious picnic stop, why not, combined with a tasting of Dolcetto di Dogliani, the route continues towards Farigliano where in Borgata Gombe immersed in the quiet of the surrounding countryside we find the giant purple bench. Photo stop and then continue towards Clavesana.

Big Bench Clavesana

The e-bike route has Clavesana as its last stop with its two giant benches, the red and the blue one. Did you know that Clavesana is where the Big Bench Community Project originated? Its founder Chris Bangle installed the first giant bench, the red one, in Borgata Correa in 2010. For true fans of giant benches, the official passport is available at accredited points (info on the official website), where you can have dedicated visit stamps for each Italian and international bench.

L'immagine di copertina è di Davide Tomatis / CC BY-SA


  • Departure from Clavesana, Murazzano, San Benedetto Belbo, Bonvicino, Dogliani, Farigliano

  • 48 Km

  • 6/19/24, 4:00 AM h

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