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Get in touch with the "treasures of La Morra", this route will show you an unusual La Morra with its evocative and panoramic views.

Leave Novello, from the ebike Rental in Novello and travel through hamlets called Pezzole, Bergera and Vergne. From Vergne follow the road signs towards La Morra but don't enter the village (you'll visit it later, at the end of the tour). Turn right on a slight slope (signs to Fontanazza and Palas Cerequio), at some point the asphalt gives place to a gravel road and keep your left towards the Chapel of Barolo.

The chapel is in Località Brunate and is know as "Chapel of Holy Mary of Grace", but someone calls it "Chapel of Barolo". It dates back to 1914, but it has never been consecrated. During the nineties the capel was renovated by David Tremlett and Sol Lewitt and thenceforth it distinguish the landscape of this part of the Langhe among the grapes with its brilliant colours.

Keep on pedalling downhill. Before you reach La Morra you can take a break for wine-tasting at Terre da Vino winery.

After 500 metres on the main road, take the road on your left (follow signals to La Morra and Frazione Annunziata). After a while follow the signals to Cantina Monfalletto and you will see the majestic cedar tree and your sight gets lost among vineyards.

Get back and pedal again uphill, at the roundabout follow Santa Maria and see on your left the Red Giant Bench. Get ready to feel like a baby and take your camera for funny pictures.

You are almost done. Follow the sign towards La Morra and take a break for aperitivo or for sightseeing from the belvedere. In a few minutes you will be back to Novello.


  • 23.00 Km

  • 4/25/24, 2:00 AM h

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