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This tour on e-bike starts from Novello, from the BikeSquare Langhe rental point. Ride to La Morra while you enjoy the panoramic view of vineyards, ancient villages and castles typical for the Langhe. In La Morra, you can take a walk in the centre of the village going up to Piazza Castello from where you can admire the enchanting landscape of the Langhe that has been placed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. In La Morra, you can also visit the Tourist Office where you can ask about everything you can do in the area.

The vineyards near La Morra are home to the magnificent Chapel of Barolo. This is a very unique colourful chapel decorated by American artists Sol LeWitt and David Tremlett. However, we don’t advise you to go there with our ebikes because the road is extremely steep and slippery. You can organise an after tour and go to the chapel by foot or by car.

After seeing La Morra you continue cycling to Cherasco. The road goes uphill for a while and then you will enjoy a very long downhill that opens the view over the whole plain and if there is good visibility you can see the crown of the Alps in the distance. When you’re getting close to Cherasco, you will have to cycle on a short stretch of main road that crosses an industrial area and for that reason it is not advisable to pass there during peak hours on weekdays. After a number of sharp uphill curves you will be in the town that is located up on the plateau. You can make a trip in the town or follow the itinerary that passes by the enchanting Cherasco Castle, which was built in 1348 and is bordered by the historic avenue of plane trees ordered by Napoleon. Cherasco is also a rich commercial centre, and if you are a sweets lover you will find two historic confectioneries where you can taste the famous chocolate Baci di Cherasco (Cherasco kisses).

Then the tour continues through the hamlets of Cherasco bringing you to Narzole, which is located on the edge of the Cuneo plateau and is bordering the magnificent landscape of the Langhe. Cycle on a quite country road with a view of the hills to the left with Novello and the other villages above. Instead of the vineyards there are hazel groves, woods and wheat fields. The Tanaro river is down on the left, while the Alps are on the right.

When you pass Narzole, the country road goes downhill and then takes you uphill to Novello. The last steepest part leads to the main square of Novello. Only a stone’s throw away you will find the Castle of Novello which dominates the fortress of Novello situated high above the vineyards and the woods. The castle is a magnificent neo-Gothic building from the 19th century designed by Italian architect Giovanni Battista Schellino that rises on the remains of the ancient medieval castle. Since 1967 the castle has been transformed into hotel restaurant after a new building was built beside the old one.


  • Departure from Novello, La Morra, Cherasco, Narzole

  • 31 Km

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