You can find this route on the BikeSquare app with code E09


We start from Novello. You can rent the ebike at the BikeSquare Point Novello and then pedal towards the village. See the castle, the belvedere road, the panoramic terrace, from which you can see Monforte and the Monviso.

Take a small road (called Ravera) on the right and get to one of our favourite views... you will see wineyards and several levels of hills fading into the Apls.


In Monforte we recommend to visit the upper village on the right, get on the roads made of stones and roses. Have a look at ancient houses, the anphitheater, wonderful landscape. When get back and follow Costa di Bussia, a little road that allows you to go to Barolo without too much traffic. Along the road you will have the occasion to have a wine tasting in some of the cellars of the territory.


Get up to Barolo (be carefull that the road is steep, but with the ebike, you'll make it!), don't miss the historical centre, the castle. If you have time we recommend to visit WiMu, the wine museum, created by the same architect who planned the cinema Museum in Turin.

Lunch in Novello

At lunch we recomment Banchetto di Novello. Don't forget to reserve, because the restaurant is often full, and not always open. Mimmo, the cook, is super-friendly and will let you apreciate his art, which is always news in his restaurant.

Touch base after a visit to the Collecitve Cellar "Bottega del Vino di Novello". Beware: only here you can taste the Nascetta del Comune di Novello, an old wine, forgotten for years, and now very much apreciated.


What do you find along the route