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Visit Barolo on a half-day self-guided tour. Stunning hills covered by vineyards, relax and enjoy the Langhe riding our ebikes. Decide when to stop both for pictures or wine-tasting and never get lost thanks to our free app! Download it at departure, it works off-line too. You can visit WiMu in Barolo, the first Wine Museum in Italy to learn how wine is made and how the Langhe became the land of the King of Wines.

Leave Ciocchini, a small village out of Novello and ebike rental station, and go down towards Barolo along SP3 road. After a short walk in Barolo come back on a slight slope on SP163 road towards Monforte. In 1,5 km (0.9 mi) take via Ravera on your right and go up 1,6 km (1 mi) on a scenic hill in the middle of vineyards. Novello is on the top of the hill. Explore the village with its observation platform, Novello's Castle (1880), St. Michael Archangel Parish Church (1783). Go back to Ciocchini along SP3 road.

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