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We are in the Langhe, hills, vines (so many vines), castles, small boroughs to discover and great landscapes in which to immerse yourself.

We are in the area of the Nebbiolo vineyards from Barolo where the vineyards are so beautiful and historic that they have become Patrimony of the 'Umanity.
In this tour you can start in electric bike from Novello to reach the municipality of Barolo. And ' little guy but we're betting you're going to take a lot of pictures of his alleys, wineries and his Castle.

Again riding the ebike you can continue down to the Brown Cellar located in a borgle of La Morra. Do you expect the visit to the cellar and a nice and rich tasting.
You'll still have a little bit ' of energy to get up in the saddle? You're waiting for a ride in La Morra while also making a stop at his Red Giant Bench.

What do you find along the route