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Alassio Ciclovia is a road path tailored to all that allows you to discover the hill in a dynamic and fun way, that allows you to discover in a completely new and dynamic way the hill and its riches.

After having left behind the inhabited ascent to the hill in a ponent direction, after a steep uphill and several back, you will find yourself at the ruderes of the San Bernardo Church, in correspondence of the first panoramic point, which offers a breathtaking view of the sea and the bay. It is continued by ascending to the Madonna of the Guard, the highest point in the Ciclovia, and also the most suggestive.  Here you can enjoy a scenario that spreads from the Liguri Alps, with vettes beyond 2600 m, to the blue sea.

From here it begins the descent that, through the Cavia region, takes you to the Chiesetta of Holy Cross, with its romantic belvedere, overlooking the port and the Gallinara Island. An unforgettable panorama, which can only be photographed.



  • 22 Km

  • 6/19/24, 3:00 AM h

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