Linari Abbey

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Linari Abbey: what's to know

The San Bartolomeo's Abbey in Linari was situated along the Salt's Route towards the Lagastrello Pass and represented one of the alternative routes to the Via Francigena, in fact it also used to host merchants and pilgrims. The abbey was first mentioned in 1045. In the 11th century it was noted by King Henry IV among the belongings of Ugo and Folco, sons of the Marquis Azzo d'Este. The monastery reached its splendor between the 9th and 15th centuries when it counted various properties stretching over the two sides of the Apennine range. At the beginning it was dedicated to San Salvatore and only since the 13th century changed to San Bartolomeo. There is no certain information about this change of dedication but it could have happened when the monks started to take care of the route and the pilgrims. The monastery was shut down in 1583 and since then left in abandonment, in fact today it is completely in ruins and very little of its previous structure is recognizable.

Where it is Linari Abbey

Linari Abbey

Passo del Lagastrello IT 54015 - Comano ( MS )
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