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Filetto Village: cosa c'è da sapere

Filetto is one of the most characteristic historic villages in Lunigiana due to its squared layout probably of Byzantine origin (6th -7th century). Today the village is still surrounded by walls featuring round towers at the four corners, typical of the “castrum” (military fortification dating to the Roman and Byzantine period). The first original part was gradually turned into a fortified residence during the Middle Ages when it was enlarged adding a second squared structure, walled and featuring small lanes and houses leaning one against the other like the previous settlement.
The village still boasts walls and towers, the two main squares, the beautiful 1500 arched getaways and elegant portals. The lower square is enclosed by the Church, the Marquis mansion and the monk monastery with its beautiful cloister and inner garden.


Dove si trova Filetto Village

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Filetto Village

Filetto IT 54028 - villafranca in lunigiana ( MS )


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