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"Castle Brunforte" and ancient seicenture cuisine: what's to know

The Castle Brunforte, built in the XII ° sec. and arose on the remains of an ancient Roman castrum, was the residence of lords of Their Piceno. Adibito from 1692 to monastery (Corpus Domini). Inside are an ancient medieval cuisine with still all the intact equipment and accessories, and a salon for temporary exhibitions.

The castle closes at U around a court, the sides of which are bounded to the east by the church of the Corpus Domini and the choir, south from the dormitories ' wing and west by a part of the urbiche walls. The Girone Park represents the northern boundary of the entire complex that features a surface that occupies three levels off the ground and three basements.
On the ground floor are foresters, seicenture cuisine, new cuisine, the refectory covered at times and furnished with prized bench-style tables in the Venetian style of the early ' 700. In the western wing there are a laundry room and an oven. At the bottom of the courtyard, from the same side of the laundry room, is accessed through a small door at the ' Tower of Impicates

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"Castle Brunforte" and ancient seicenture cuisine


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