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A day to visit Moirano, Castel Rocchero and Fontanile. In the heart of Monferrato. Moirano It is a graceful fraction of Acqui Terme where you can visit the church of Santa Maria. Castel Rocchero Se c 'it is a country where the monoculture of the vine has marked the territory profoundly, this is Castel Rocchero. The Connecting Road with Nice and Castel Boglione is an uninterrupted spectacle of film geometries that extend to loss d 'eye and follow the soft reliefs of the hills by creating suggestive chromatin games. It is the land of the Barbera, of the Moscato, of the Brachetto, of the Dolcept, with respect of farms, many of which confer the grapes at the great Cantina Sociale which is truncated with its surrounding structure and panoramic all ', the beginning of the descent for Acqui. Fontanile, the country of the Big Bench The Parish Church of San Giovanni Battista is a majestic structure in a neo-Gothic style with a large dome 53 metres high in the center of the small country of Fontanile. Unbelievable but true, it is known at a distance of chilomertri, interesting to visit together with the beautiful beautiful places. There is also a giant bench of the Big Bench Community Project by Chris Bangle.

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