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The route takes you through the Monferrato's vineyards in an unforgettable day by ebike.


Population 650, the church of the Saints Simon and Jude the Apostle is worth a visit. You can find an observation platform to enjoy the surrounding vineyards. The grave of Luigi Tenco is buried in the cemetery of Ricaldone, he was a famous singer and songwriter who died in the night of 26th January 1967, during the Sanremo Music Festival. A Museum and Documentation centre in Ricaldone is dedicated to Luigi Tengo. The economy of the village is mostly based on wine and vineyards.


At the border of the village there is a park called "Bosco delle Sorti" (Wood of Fates), where you can find trails, paths and routes with signs. All of them are suitable for walking, cycling and horse-riding. The heart of the village, on the top of a spectacular hill, is dominated by the Castle, built in 1300 A.D. and well preserved, likewise the towers and the walls. In the village you can find the house-museum of Giacomo Bove, an important Italian explorer who lived since 1852 to 1887.

What do you find along the route