Flat land Paved road Family Autoguidato Half day Relax
Difficulty:    2

E02 From Marina di Schiavonea to Corigliano Calabro


A path that will make you discover the Marina di Schiavonea and the historic center of Corigliano Calabro.

The village of Corigliano Calabro is waiting for you and you'll can discover it in the simplest way: with an ebike!

In Marina di Schiavonea you will pass by Palazzo delle Fiere with the Torre del Cupo and the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna.

From the beaches you can move in the countryside and "climb" the hills of citrus and centuries-old olive groves.

Here you are in Corigliano Calabro, you can stop and relax maybe taking a picture of the sea from the Piana di Sibari.