I punti di interesse

Langhe, Panoramic Terrace Novello
markers/turismo/panoramicview.png Panoramic Terrace Novello

Terrazza panoramica con vista su Monforte d'Alba. Questo è il posto ideale per un s...

Langhe, Monchiero Alta
markers/turismo/panoramicview.png Monchiero Alta

The old town of Monchiero stood high above the road that leads up to Monforte...

Langhe, Verduno Observation Platform
markers/turismo/panoramicview.png Verduno Observation Platform

Observation platform, recreation ground, green lawn.. an absolute must-see spot. You...

Langhe, Cedar of Lebanon
markers/turismo/panoramicview.png Cedar of Lebanon

La Morra, Annunziata hamlet: even though the Lebanon's Cedar on the top of a ...

Langhe, Red Bench - La Morra
markers/turismo/panoramicview.png Red Bench - La Morra

The giant red bench is located close to La Morra. What can you do w...

Langhe, * e-bike rental point in Novello
markers/negozi/bicycle_shop.png * e-bike rental point in Novello

You can rent BikeSquare Langhe ebikes

Langhe, Novello Wine Shop
markers/ristoranti-e-hotel/winebar.png Novello Wine Shop

At the Bottega del Vino (Wine Shop) you can find the best wines produced in N...

Langhe, E-bike Rental Point in Barbaresco area
markers/negozi/bicycle_shop.png E-bike Rental Point in Barbaresco area

BikeSquare ebike rental point in San Rocco Seno d'Elvio not too far from Barbaresco or Nei...

Langhe, Ristorante La Crota
markers/ristoranti-e-hotel/restaurant.png Ristorante La Crota

La Crota è un ristorante dall'atmosfera romantica e particolare do...

Langhe, Trattoria dai Bercau
markers/ristoranti-e-hotel/restaurant.png Trattoria dai Bercau

I Bercau è una trattoria tipica langarola. L'

Langhe, Bar Roddi
markers/ristoranti-e-hotel/restaurant.png Bar Roddi

This place is something between a bar and a restaurant. A lu...

Langhe, Rusél
markers/ristoranti-e-hotel/winebar.png Rusél

The Azienda Agricola Rusél was founded in 2009 by Marco Rosselli. He converte...

Langhe, Azienda Agricola Marrone
markers/ristoranti-e-hotel/winebar.png Azienda Agricola Marrone

La nostra cantina si trova all’Annunziata, a La Morra: il comune con la...

Langhe, Casa Baricalino
markers/ristoranti-e-hotel/lodging_0star.png Casa Baricalino

The agriturismo for ebike lovers. Casa Baricalino is very cl...

Langhe, The Green Guesthouse
markers/ristoranti-e-hotel/lodging_0star.png The Green Guesthouse

Vergne is a small village in Barolo and Narzole. Most of its...

Langhe, Azienda Agricola Stra
markers/ristoranti-e-hotel/winebar.png Azienda Agricola Stra

For five generations, in our wine estate we have been living and working...

Langhe, Cascina Sant'Eufemia
markers/ristoranti-e-hotel/lodging_0star.png Cascina Sant'Eufemia

Vino, nocciole, agriturismo, ricettività nelle Langhe: tutti aspetti che fanno parte di...

Langhe, Rosso di Sera
markers/ristoranti-e-hotel/lodging_0star.png Rosso di Sera

Rosso di Sera is born from the love of a small village, of an enchanting view...

Langhe, La Rosa Gialla Apartments & B&B
markers/ristoranti-e-hotel/lodging_0star.png La Rosa Gialla Apartments & B&B

La Rosa Gialla, founded by Marina and Gianni, is a new sustainable archi...

Langhe, WiMu Barolo - Wine Museum
markers/turismo/panoramicview.png WiMu Barolo - Wine Museum

Italy’s most innovative wine museum, as well as one of the world’s most impor...