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A panoramic itinerary, to the discovery of the history and natural environments of the Valli Borbera and Grue, characterized by evocative landscapes and a rich enogastronomical offering that suffers from the history of these valleys, the crossroads of trades along the ancient routes of the salt addossated on the ridge of the mountain slopes, from the 'entroterra ligure to the Padana plain, already beginning in the 6th. a. C. In the premises you will find on your path you could not help but tasting the Timorasso doc a white produced by the white-berry grape vines cultivated only in these valleys thanks to the particularity of the terrain and its sunny climate. L 'itinerary part from the bike rental point Bike Square site in Cabella Ligure. From here they go through the inhabited of Albera Ligure and Cantalupo Ligure. Arriving in a fraction Pertuso takes you on secondary roads to the fractions of Zebedassi and Vigoponzo, a natural balcony to the Borbera Valley where you can enjoy the pristine panorama of the mountain ridges covered with beech woods, roasts and chestnuts. Arriving at the top of the ridge is worth diverting from the path to visit the borgo of Dernice, dominated by the remains of a Castle or the saracen tower arched on an arenary rock sperlet. This place is now well known for the production and trade of Montebore cheese, ever since the XII sec. Appreciated on the noble tables of Genoa and Milan, today presidium Slow food for its history and for the particularity of being made with raw milk vaccine and ovine that confer a unique flavour to this product. Visited Dernice descends to Garbagna, one of the most beautiful boroughs d 'Italy, passing first for l 'omonima fraction of Montebore where you can admire a unique panorama dominated by green pastures. In Garbagna you can visit the historical centre dating back to before the 'o thousand years, with its ancient churches, l 'oratorio and the remains of the 'imposing castle. From Garbagna you return by taking S.P. 120, passing through Molo di Borbera to Borbera Borghetto, where you can visit the characteristic historical centre. From here you return to Cantalupo l., Albera and Cabella, passing through S.P. 140 where you can admire, for a stretch of approx. 6 km, a suggestive canyon, distinguished by a very bitter nature dominated by spectacular rock formations, unfortunately also known for sad episodes related to World War II.


  • Departure from Cabella Ligure

  • 52 Km

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