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Starting from the fraction Brengon imbues the health trail that leads up to the village of Priomiod. Finished the poderale costing the path that descends into the middle of the meadows (keeping it on the side of the same MA without going through the meadows) until arriving at a crossroads. Take the poderale that develops to your left (if you continue straight on the chargeable you come in all 'inhabited Promiod-NO). Follow the poderale for 2 km. Reached a elbow back to leave the main poderale and take a second poderline located to your right (palina with written Monte Zerbion). Follow the road (beautiful pedalable) for another 2 km until you arrive at a crossroads. Follow the directions of the paline for Nuarsaz. You will meet an 'other beautiful poderale that goes down for about 3km. At one point take the bivio to the right where the road goes up and leave the podery going down. A slight rib will finally bring you to Valserena. From there, take the poderale that goes down (you can't be wrong) and after a last rip you will arrive directly in the village of Promiod. At that point you cross the village and take the climb in front of you (not the flat road where c 'e is car parking) that will take you back to the path you have made downhill in the middle of the meadows. Finishing this rib you will find yourself on the health trail that in a couple of minutes will take you to the starting point


  • Departure from La Magdeleine, Chatillon

  • 15 Km

  • 2 h

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