Parish of Dossena-Madunù

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Parish of Dossena-Madunù: what's to know


Madunù is the name that the inhabitants of Dossena have given to the great wooden statue of the Madonna Adsorbed that, since the mid-nineteenth century, is located in a niche of the plebana church in Dossena. The Madonna is carved to a natural size and is represented with the dead Christ, surrounded by the angels. The statue is the subject of great veneration by the entire community that appeals to them for prayers and gifts to ward off the dangers, alleviate disease, avoid misfortunes. At the Madunù a party is dedicated in which the statue is brought into procession for the streets of the country. The celebration begins with a Mass following the procession that runs the main route of the country until it reaches the old town hall to then return to the church. The origins of this holiday are not known : c 'e is who attributes its birth around the seventeenth century when the people of the dossenese mountains invoked the Virgin Mary to preserve them from the famines and pestilences that haunted the countries and the valleys.


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Parish of Dossena-Madunù