Bridge of the Frates

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Bridge of the Frates: what's to know


The Ponte dei Frati owes its name to the Cappuccini friars that built it between 1690-1699, after the construction of the convent of the Cappuccini, manufactured in 1640, on the left bank of the Brembo River, in the resort of San Gallo, to favor the passage between San Gallo and San Giovanni Bianco.
The friars carried out their charity work for over 150 years, until 1798 when the monastery was suppressed by the Cisalpine Republic. With the new government the Convent was put up for sale and purchased by Count Pietro Giupponi in 1799 that also obtained the property of the Ponte dei Frati, followed by Mrs. Mary Guerinoni Piccinelli and the municipality of San Giovanni Bianco in 1891. The bridge survived the ruins full of Brembo, particularly those in August 1842 and July 1873.

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Bridge of the Frates

Ponte dei Frati
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