Bridge Old and Priula bridge

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Bridge Old and Priula bridge: what's to know


San Giovanni Bianco is the country in which the changes of vallar viability are most visible thanks to bridges. The Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge in San Giovanni Bianco. It was a quattrocentesco bridge on which the Via Mercatorum passed, which connected Bergamo to the Valtellina by climbing from the low Val Seriana and bringing together some of the most important centres of the valley such as Serina, Dossena and Coril. The Via Mercatorum was replaced, at the end of the Five-hundred, by a new road : the Priula Road. This road connected Bergamo and the Valtellina perched in the Brembano valley to Step San Marco. In San Giovanni Bianco la Strada Priula was passing on the bridge to an arcata that, again today, unites the banks of the torrent Enna at the height of Palazzo Boselli, the point of intersection between the streets.

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Bridge Old and Priula bridge

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