Toce Waterfall by MTB

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Toce Waterfall by MTB: what's to know

What to see, the Cascade of the Toce

Situated in Frua fraction, with its 143-meter jump and the approximately 60 meters wide at the base is considered one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the alps. On the days our waters are regimented by the Morasco hydroelectric intake, it is therefore possible to see it in the full of its beauty only for a few days a year in the months between June and September.

Sommity of the jump : 1675 meters
Piede of the jump : 1532 meters
Jump Height :              143 meters
rock reclining : 200 meters
Water flower at the brink : 20 meters
Width at the base : 60 meters


Where it is Toce Waterfall by MTB

Toce Waterfall by MTB


Formazza frua


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