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Valpolicella: the name comes from the ancient latin "Val Polis Cellae", valley with many wineries. Even if the origin of the name is not sure, the region is still nowadays a paradise for wine lovers.

This easy ride crosses the wine region of Valpolicella. The itinerary goes out the city following a safe bike path that leads us to the immense vineyards of Valpolicella. Then, after a easy climb, we reach the top of a hill from where we can enjoy a great view over mountains and hills. On the road we can also see many Venetian Villas, elegant building built since the XV century.

We suggest to have a break in a winery, in order to experience the best of Valpolicella, the wine: there are many of them on our route.

Finally, the itinerary follow the river Adige and goes back to the city passing in front of the Arena and crossing the main squares.

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