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This ebike tour south of Cremona allows you to immerse yourself in gastronomy. A ring that starts and ends in Cremona, where you can rent your e-bikes at the camping, passing through Busseto.

Often on a bicycle there is nothing better than combining the journey with a gastronomic experience, both to recover energy and to enjoy the culinary specialties of the area in which you ride.

What to taste in the Food Valley

A short distance from Cremona there is an area dotted with excellent gastronomic products: cold cuts, preserves, cheeses to accompany with typical wines, honey.
We are talking about the south bank of the Po, in the provinces of Piacenza and Parma, at the beginning of that food valley that leads from Cremona to Parma. Piacenza salami, Culatello di Zibello, Fried cake, Spongata di Busseto, Parmesan, sparkling red wines such as Lambrusco to drink in the ancient “Pauline” bowls.
A completely flat route on secondary roads or banks of the Po river dedicated to cycle and pedestrian transit.

The landscape is typical of the countryside between lower Lombardy and the province of Parma: corn fields, farmhouses, quiet tree-lined avenues, crossings of small streams.

Some seasons are characterized by peculiar events, for example in April the cherry blossoms in Villanova, or in November the “November Porc”, a festival that celebrates the richness of the pig and its culinary variations.

What to see in Busseto and Polesine

Along the way there are particular attractions that can be visited (possibly to be booked in advance), such as Villa Verdi in Busseto, Museum of the Culatello in Polesine Parmense or visits to local farms.

Based on your needs, we can enrich the tailor-made tour and contact the most suitable facilities by sending you a dedicated quote.

Pedaling slowly is the best way to enjoy the experience, with BikeSquare Cremona you can.



  • 66 Km

  • 5/28/24, 5:00 AM h

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