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Among the classic outings in Cremona, one cannot fail to consider the tour of the Bodri which extends to the south-east of the city.

This ebike tour south-east of Cremona allows you to immerse yourself in nature. A ring that starts and ends in Cremona where you can rent your e-bikes at the camping.

The legacy of the river Po, which over the centuries has shifted its path, has left indelible marks on the territory: the bodri, small self-sufficient circular lakes with their micro ecosystem, and the physical signs of the level of flooding on the buildings.

What to see in the Parco del Po and Morbasco

An all-inclusive itinerary in the Po and Morbasco Local Park of Supra-municipal Interest (PLIS) with high naturalistic value. A good observer will be able to see various species of birdlife from the top of the embankments on which the cycle and pedestrian paths run and enjoy the shade of centuries-old trees in one of the paths that guarantee refreshment areas even in summer.

Curiosity is also aroused by the possibility of encountering unusual structures for an agricultural area: mcrenellated farmhouse, a polymerdiana, votive columns, etc ...

Based on your needs, we can enrich the tailor-made tour and contact the most suitable facilities by sending you a dedicated quote.

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  • 33 Km

  • 6/15/24, 3:00 AM h

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